Before installation, it is necessary to carry out the technical exchange, organize the construction personnel to study the relevant technical materials of the equipment carefully, and understand the performance of the equipment and the matters needing attention in the construction,and strictly follow the installation drawings.

Henan Afuruika Machinery Equipment Co. , Ltd

When installing the equipment, the following factors should be considered:

1.to meet the needs of the technological process.

2.to facilitate the storage, transportation and cleaning of articles.

3.according to the installation and acceptance of mechanical equipment requirements.

4.do a good job of equipment installation leveling, to ensure stable installation, reduce vibration, avoid deformation.

5.to ensure the equipment and accessories of the external size, the limit position of moving parts and safety distance.

6.to ensure processing accuracy, to prevent unreasonable wear.

7.ensure the installation, maintenance and operation of equipment safety requirements.

Henan Afuruika Machinery Equipment Co. , Ltd

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